Filter (AF Series) for pneumatic systems a Akari pneumatic products

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Filter (AF Series) for pneumatic systems a Akari pneumatic products

Filter Regulator, the AKARI series moisture separator is installed on the air pressure line to remove water drops from compressed air. Use this product in cases where water must be avoided, Through the adoption of an element that is exclusively used for removing water droplets and the ample housing interior space, 99.99%. Water removal rate has been achieved with this product. For best results fix it near the final usage of air required.

This product is a critical system component that can prevent premature failure of your pneumatic machinery. this is a device designed to remove contaminants from a compressed air stream. The incoming air from the outside first passes through a deflector, which is a round system with several wings installed at angles. As air passes through the wings, it rotates and separates relatively large particles and impurities are separated by centrifugal force and accumulate at the bottom.

The features of an Filter unit :

  • ┬áRemoves 99.99% of the water and 93% oil in compressed air lines
  • Excellent way to remove water at the point of use
  • Automatic drain w/manual override
  • New Modular Design
  • Optimum machinery functionality
  • Ease of access
  • Prolonged system life
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Shut off valves for isolated systems
  • Can be mounted by wall brackets
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KAF2000-02, AF2000-02M, AF2000-02, AF3000-03, AF4000-04, AF4000-06, AF5000-10

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