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Water pump motor diesel 8hp diesel water pump price water cooled field marshal water pump for agricultural and industries

Field Marshal

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Water pump motor diesel 8hp diesel water pump price water cooled field marshal water pump for agricultural and industries

Water pump motor diesel 8HP diesel water pump diesel engine are machines for moving water, they play a fundamental part in agriculture which is operated by diesel engines, as they move water from its source to the fields and crops. 8 hp diesel engine water pump can be used with many forms of irrigation, such as drip, sprinklers or with a hose. Best 8hp diesel water pump price in India

Specifications Water pump motor diesel:

  • GF 6B Pump Set : 8 HP, 1600 RPM Engine,
  • Available Range : 80 X 65mm to 100 X 100mm,
  • Pump Type : Gland / Oil Seal / Mechanical Seal

Features :

  • Type: Vertical, totally Enclosed, Water Cooled, Single Cylinder, Four Stroke Cycle, Compression Ignition, Cold Starting Diesel Engine.
  • Engine Combustion: Direct Fuel Injection in Open Type Combustion Chamber Provided in an Aluminum Piston Crown in Combination with Long Stem Multi hole Nozzle; results In Low Fuel Consumption and Easy Starting.
  • Lubrications: Force Feed Lubrications by Plunger Type Pump Incorporating Full Flow Filter to Large End Bearing. Main Bearings, being Taper Roller Type Need No Separate Supply. Other Moving Parts are Splash Lubricated.
  • Cylinder Head: High Grade Cast Iron with Smooth Air & Exhaust Ports Clear Water Jackets for Perfect Cooling.
  • Cylinder Liner: Special Grade High Wear Resistant Cast Iron.
  • Rotation:  8 hp diesel engine water pump Standard Rotation Is Clockwise When Looking at The Flywheel End.
  • Cooling: Engine Cooling Can Be Arranged by Run Through Water System or Cooling Tank.
  • Drive: Standard Power take off from Flywheel Side at Full Speed. It Can Be Provided from Gear End at Half Speed.
  • Crankshaft: Designed with Integrated Balance Weight and Is Fitted with Taper Roller Bearings for Long Life & With Provision of Taper Degree for Flywheel Fitment.
  • Fuel System: High Speed Diesel Oil Is Supplied to the fuel Pump by gravity Feed Through Wire mesh Filter in Tank and Efficient Paper Type Element Filter Before Pump. There Is One More Filter (Inbuilt) in injector Inlet.
  • Exhaust-System: A Silencer of standard type (peeper pot) is fitted for adequate Silencing.
  • Air Cleaner: Oil Bath type, large capacity for efficient filtration.
  • Lubrication Oil:  20-40 or Equivalent Grade.
  • Standard Accessories: Air cleaner, exhaust silencer, starting handle, set of spanners and screw driver.
  • Optional: To avoid over loading, provision for head adjustment by variable speed drive.
  • Starting: 8 hp diesel engine water pump engine is designed For starting by hand cranking with the help of Starting Handle
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Field Marshal

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